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pharmaceutical packaging


Fillab provides you with multiple options for the packaging of blisters, ranging from small lots destined for stability studies to larger commercial volumes for all types of PVC/Foil explicitly tailored to our customer's specifications.


Powder Pouch

Ranging from cold medication powders to Natural Health products, the sachet is ideal in a smaller format for samples, as well as in larger formats for dietary supplements.


Tablet Packaging

Fillab's equipment is the fastest and most precise on the market and will provide you with the competitive edge you seek.


Liquid and Cream Packaging

The options are limitless for bottle, cap and label choices; electronic cigarette refill bottles, syrups, energy drinks, sunscreen lotions - the list is endless! Fillab offers the option of using systems dedicated to your specific product.


Unit Dose Packaging

We are the undisputed market leader in the packaging of Natural Health products in this unique and practical format. Fillab provides you with the opportunity to commercialise your product on a large scale or as an interesting alternative for product samples at a very competitive price.